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The song "Full of memories" by

Alexandr Zhelanov under CC-BY 4.0

For many years humanity was thriving... we had everything, we owned everything, the world around us was ours... and we didn´t think about our environment even once.

That behaviour was nearly our undoing in the end... natural disasters had gotten more often, more intense, more devastating. Earthquakes, storms... and the big floods because of the rising ocean levels. 

Our towns have been flooded, our civilization lies in ruins. Humanity went nearly extinct, but we tend to survive in the end, after all. When the big floods came, clusters of people fled on ships. Only a few of them survived, but humanity is still there.

Years later, even those people got divided. Some of them couldn´t stand living on ships their whole lifes, so they searched for areas they could settle down. In areas without mountains, the tallest buildings have been the only places that haven´t been fully submerged. But only the rooftops aren´t under the water, so this was the place those people build their settlements. Because of that, these kind of people are called "roofbound". The ones that stayed behind on the ships are likewise called "shipbound".

Both groups have to rely on scavengers, treasure hunters you could call them. These scavengers are the ones searching for everything that could still be used. Resources of all kinds, spare parts, everything. But getting those parts is difficult, scavengers have to dive into the submerged ruins to claim their prizes. The deeper they go, the higher the chances of finding something worthwhile. 

You are one of the best scavengers around. Some people call you a hero, others call you crazy or suicidal, because you are diving deeper than anyone else. Your findings earned you a special spot in your home settlement, much to the dismay of some of the other scavengers.

Things aren´t looking good for your settlement though and it seems like your abilities are needed once more.

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