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While my game Fallen Legend took place hundreds of years after an evil monster

took over the world, this one on the other hand takes place exactly on the day the evil Lords army took over. The enemy troops are advancing and you are one of the only ones left to help the people of a nearby village escape. 

There are 9 people in the village that need saving, some are easier to do than others. You don´t have to save everyone, maybe you even can´t.

This game was made for the 44 Day RPG Maker Themed Game Jam.

Originally i planned on adding four chapters instead of just the one, but real life had other ideas about that plan. Maybe i will add them later, maybe not. Right now i have other projects that will possibly come first.

But, if nothing else, this game works as kind of a prototype for a possible real Fallen Legend 2. 


FallenLegendChronicles_Win.zip 235 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip and you should be ready.


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Hey, here's my let's play of your game. Unfortunately not a full playthrough cause it froze, but still it's something for you to work with and get some valuable feedback with!

It's an okay game. I like the open ended nature of it, and the chipset looks nice. But I have a few criticisms...

- Special attacks are useless.  Double attack and slow attack deal no damage, there's no point in using them.

- ATB is way too slow. Speeding it up would certainly help in making it more fun.

- The game freezes just as you leave the supply shop and complete the quest.

Sorry in advance for not completing it as well, I was an idiot and didn't save, and didn't have the heart to start again.  I'll do another let's play of it later on tonight.

It's okay, there isn't that much to do, anyways. I wasn't really able to finish everything. Though the town could be finished when I tested it. Maybe I need to have another look at it.

What a coincidence. I was just replaying Fallen Legend a week ago. Look forward to playing this one.


Don't expect too much, though. It's only the starting town. More of a Demo you could say. But i hope you'll like it anyway.