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The science vessel Archimedes was headed to a yet uncharted planet. Long range scanner drones found interesting structures on the surface. Because of these structures the planet was named “Pyramidonia”. 

But now Mission Command has lost contact to the ship. We must assume the worst. It is now up to you, Commander Pango, to travel to Pyramidonia and search for the missing scientists.


It´s a simple Metroidvania-like platformer, more a shoot and run. You have unlimited ammo, there are three types of enemies for now. You have the ability to wall-jump, but there isn´t really a reason to in the demo level.

Fish heals your energy and the !-boxes function as trampolins.


Thanks to the great little program NESMAKER this game is a real NES game,  which means you need an emulator(which can handle mapper 30) to play it. Mesen should be a good choice for it.




- A questionable Path

-Game Over 01

-HighTechKillman 01


by JollyShadow


Pango_proto.NES 512 kB

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