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This game's fun.  Love the soundtrack.  Simple and enjoyable.

I played your game and had fun. 


Thanks for playing my game! Too bad you played the old version and had to endure that bug, too.

This was absolutely obscure and hugely frustrating at times but I loved it! Good luck in the Jam(s)!

My only bit of feedback would be that during levels 3 & 4 there were moments where you spawned as invisible and had to lose a life to become visible again.

Thanks for playing my game, especially for finishing it even after encountering that pesky bug. I guess that is the downside of only having one test player. I have an idea where the bug might be, but i sadly can´t pinpoint it. The overall difficulty itself was intentional though, old arcade games didn´t take you by the hand, either, after all.

As of now, the bug should be fixed.